A speaker in a business class I took at CU Denver once asked us:

Who here is so dedicated to your business plan, that you won’t let me talk you out of it? Who here has the best plan…nothing is wrong with it?  (a show of eager hands raise)  Ok.  I don’t want to business with you, thank you.

Something like that.  It was a few years ago; I didn’t tattoo it to my arm or anything.

He went on to explain why:

People that are to married to their plan simply do not know when to give up.  A dreamer doesn’t know when to admit they miscalculated, and in business we all miscalculate…the marketing plan is a plan, not a history lesson.

It takes a business person to be able to recognize that the plan is not happening as planned.  Does that mean give up?  No.  But, admit that you made a mistake and abandon what isn’t working and focus on what is, or what could work with what you now have.  Call it a shift, call it a pivot…just don’t waste any more time, money, and effort on yesterday’s mistake.

I guess I should cite my source now.

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