This is an example of what it kind of exploring I like to do and what it takes to be successful in SEO, it is not a normal blog post to expect.

I want to experiment on an idea.  Over the past few days, I have been thinking about the topic of positive effects on SEO topic of WordPress versus Blogger.  After reading many other blogs on the idea and speaking to coworkers it is clear there is no definite ‘winner’ here.  Change is quick in SEO (which is a good thing); if one platform wasn’t competitive it would quickly cease to exist.  Clearly, one isn’t superior then the other.

I noticed today that a blog I wrote last week showed up after searching for the title in the first page of Google.  It has been explained to me to expect this, as blog titles are indexed quickly.

What about on a WordPress based blog?  That was on a Blogger based blog.

My Experiment: I’ll write highly similar blogs about the same topic and post them within seconds of each other with the same titles…Which blog will win by ranking higher and showing up first on Google when I use their identical titles in a search?  The experiment will have a few additional things:

  • Search engines frown upon duplicate content, so I won’t just copy the text.  Whichever blog gets indexed last would be at a disadvantage because it would be viewed as a copy.  (Correct, I wrote this blog twice, different, but nearly the same)
  • I will use a Blogger blog as my other platform, but I won’t say what the URL is on here (sorry).
  • I will use this WordPress blog as my other platform.
  • Twitter, Facebook, or other means will not be used to promote either blog.
  • In the future, I promise to write an update.
  • The two blogs will keep the same keyword density.
  • In one week I’ll search to see which blog is indexed first, and then the overall rank a week later.
  • I have searched and recorded the results for “Which blog will win?” before posting.

My Predictions:

WordPress is gonna lose, in both indexing and ranking.  Why?  Because my Blogger blog has higher equity in it, it has been around for years and has followers and links to it.  It has been indexed and has had optimization done to it.  However, keeping all of this in mind, I still would like to know how fast this entry gets found by Google and where it ranks.  What if it wins?

It never hurts to ask, right?

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