Anchor text is the clickable link in a body of text, which leads to another page on or off the website.  It is generally underlined and blue, but that only depends on the styling of the website.  They styling indicates to a human read that if they click on it, a new page will be served.

Why is Anchor Text important to SEO?

Anchor text links to a new page, and search engines crawl the web via links.  If the anchor text is descriptive of the next page, then Google associates that next page with that text.  This association helps Google to rank the page when someone does a search for that term.  We want to use anchor text that describes what our sites do, not just the name of our sites.  Generally speaking, if we are marketing for a branded term unique to us, the anchor text should be about the product offering or service…not the actual brand name.

The name tag analogy:Anchor Text - Scott

Think of the anchor text like someone wearing a name tag at a conference.  If they’re name tag said “Online Marketer” then you have a pretty good idea what this guy will want to talk about.  If his name tag just says “Scott“, then you have no descriptive information about him, and it’s harder to mentally classify what “Scott” is.

Anchor text examples:

Good anchor text examples:

Bad anchor text examples:

  • …to book a ski lesson read more!
    • (This tells Google that the linked page should be about encouraging reading)
  • click here to find the best lodging deals…
    • (This tells Google that the linked pages should be about clicking on things)
  • …to book your family ski vacation go to
    • (This tells Google that is about, a term already will show up for #1 in Google.  This is a wasted opportunity to build value around ‘family ski vacation’ which could have been the anchor text for the link.)

Anchor text Best Practices:

I hope this helps your internal page design and linking strategy.  Please, don’t hesitate to ask if you have additional questions on how you can improve your anchor text and other SEO advice!
(Note the anchor text at the end of the content, providing you and Google with a link to additional reading?)

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