Need to optimize your URLs for maximum SEO benefit?  Google uses over 200 different metrics to rank pages and one big factor is URL structure.  Here are 3 tips for creating a SEO friendly URL.       

Use hyphens as spacesURL-Optimization for SEO

    • A hyphen is translated as a space in Google, where as an underscore is only assumed to be a space.  Underscores are used in code, and Google was originally a search engine designed for programmers to find code.
    • An actual ‘space’ is converted to the symbol %20, which can be difficult and messy for a human to understand
    • Good example:

Shorter is better

    • For each word in the URL, the overall value per word is diminished.  A one word URL carries as much value for that single word as a 10 word URL
    • Shorter is easier for a human to read and understand
    • Longer URLs will get truncated in a search result, and may hide words which searcher are looking for
    • Good example:

Use a keyword in the URL

Hope that helps you in creating a new URL.  Just remember, don’t feel that you should go back and change URLs just for change sake; use your analytics and ranking data before making a move.  And also, if you do re-write a page URL, set up a 301 redirect from the old page to the new page!



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