While talking to a client today, I confirmed my gut feeling: The four people on the other end of the phone had a different idea of who their client was.  I asked “Can you tell me about your target customer?

Patty: “Overweight people”

Jenny: “Yeah but mainly women”

Patty: “But we’ll take men.  Well take anyone”

Me: “Will you take children? What age range do you serve?”

Patty: “We’ll treat young people.”

Jenny: “Well, not younger then 30.  30-55.  Below that they don’t have money, and we don’t take insurance.”

Patty: “55? What? And we take insurance….”

Jenny: “Yes we take insurance but we don’t want to anymore.  Starting now.”

This went on for a while.  Like I said, there was 4 on the other end of the phone, and I’m wondering what the other 2 were thinking.  My goal with them is to develop a clear description of their target customer, something that the entire company can agree on.  From here, with this alignment, I think we can start to focus all the resources of the firm into converting high quality leads for the practice.

I’ll keep you updated.  I’m excited to see how we change their current marketing approach to best attract their newly defined target customer.  I do know that now, as apart of their marketing team, I have something to work with!

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