There is no I in Strategy…and that is the problem.  I believe there should be.  Let me explain:

One person needs to set the strategy of an organization.  While this leader most certainly should use a team of experts to make recommendations, the final setting of strategy must ultimately be attributed to one person.  As with captaining a ship, there can only be one decision maker for the direction traveled.

The role of the head of any organization is to 1) State this strategy and then 2) Ensure the execution of this strategy.  A few things that will then happen within the organization after this happens:

  • This larger strategy will affect all decisions made by everyone else in  the organization.
  • All employees need to be made aware of this central strategy statement, and reminded of it regularly.
  • When someone presents an idea for the company, or a new opportunity, it needs to be framed in the “how does this fit into the current strategy” mindset.  This will help to prevent scope slip of the organization,  and a loss of identity.

While this seems incredibly simple, it is something that I think gets forgotten about to often.  I would go as far as say that the strategy statement of a organization needs to be restated as often as possible to help ensure group success.

So for now on….please spell it Stratigy.

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