screaming frog SEO spider logoThe website spidering tool by Screaming Frog is amazing, simply, for doing SEO work.  I use this thing nearly daily to manage on page optimization.  When teamed with features from Microsoft Excel, you can do some very powerful research quickly on an audit or finding easy wins. Before we get deeper into this, let me state that I am a paying user of the program, not endorsed in any way by the parent company

Here are a few ways I use Screaming Frog:

  • Titles,  Descriptions, keywords and H1 – Easily see all of these elements in one place.  Are they aligned to the keyword goal for the page? If not…fix the page.
  • Missing Alt Text on images – This is huge.  Can any other tool do this?  Not that I know of.  If you know of one, add it to the comments.  With Screaming Frog you get a straight up list of all missing Alt Text to go fix.
  • Canonical tags – It tells you what the canonical tags are pointing to on the page.  Think about this…this is huge.  How ELSE can you set up a hierarchy of pages without reviewing your canonical strategy this way?
  • Check your crawl-ability – If screaming frog can’t make quick work of your website…regardless of size, ask yourself “can Google crawl this easily?”  Look for problems.
  • Links to a page – It will tell you which pages only have a few links to them, meaning that you probably forgot to put them on your navigation.  If you have no links to a page…how do you suppose a search engine will find the page?
I’ll leave it there for now.  Go download their FREE version of the program and let me know your thoughts.  I do suggest buying the full version, as the additional features are well worth the money!

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