I was just noticing that when you do an exact match search for “Praying Walnut“, only 7 things come up.  259k come up without the exact match.

This means easy domination. I can park this blog in the top slots for any exact search for “Praying Walnut”.  I’m even going to put an exact link right here, to link to this page for praying walnut (s).  I’m not sure if having a link to a page from a page is going to help, and yes, you could call it spammy, but I really want to show up #1 for Praying Walnut when you search for it.  Anyone want to link to me too?  Thanks!

Praying Walnut and SEO:

Praying Walnut

This Praying Walnut is only here...to get an alt img use on the page.

(that was an H2 Tag by the way, which I only put in to get Praying Walnut big… want to get clear)

I’m using praying walnut as an example of how people get scammed in SEO.  A shady SEO person will say “I can make you show up on the first page of Google”.  Sounds great! It’s simple when they optimize your page for a random phrase like Praying Walnut or some long term phrase like “Praying Walnut South Denver Yoga Studio”.

The Key here is to make sure that there is search traffic for the terms the SEO wants to optimize you for.  To not be scammed do three things:

  1. Ask yourself “Does this term describe quickly what I do?”
  2. Ask your friends and family for 3 word terms (or shorter) of what you do
  3. Use a keyword traffic tool to weigh the words

You want to show up for words with good search traffic, not just words.

I hope there is some value out of this blog, but really…really…I just want to show up in the top listings for Praying Walnut.  Go ahead…search it*.

*Keep in mind, it will take Google/Bing a few days/week to index for Praying Walnut.

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