This is just a follow up to my Praying Walnut post on the 7th of March.  It’s been 9 days and I now hold the #1 spot for Praying Walnut, and total domination for the exact search “Praying Walnut”.

Looking at the cached version of the page, it looks like my domination started on the 9th (sorry, no screen shot).

Praying Walnut

Proof of my Praying Walnut Search Domination

Some things you might wonder:

  • Can you do this for anything useful?
    • I don’t understand this question.
  • Looking on Google Insight…it appears that no one has ever searched ‘Praying Walnut’.  What is your response?
    • No one has ever searched for Praying Walnut…Yet.  When that changes though…I’ll be here…waiting.
  • How much free time do you have?
    • I was sick, I couldn’t move.
  • What’s next in your sites for domination?
    • Not sure.  But you’ll know soon.

Well that was…now to do something purposeful.

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