SEO folk seem to like to focus to much on Google, almost like they are the enemy. That’s like blaming Milton Bradly every time you pass GO in Monopoly and have to shell out $200.  Google isn’t the enemy…your competitor is.

Google set the rules, just like Milton Bradly does in the board game.  You get to play the game, and if you’re lucky….someone  is paying you to play.

Honestly how great is that? Think about it, someone has set a moving target that you get to come up with a strategy of how best to hit it (#1 on the first page of a Google search).  You and a few countless hundreds have all decided to play a game and try to get it.  Will you?  I don’t know…are you good enough?

SEO work is so pure, so straight forward….yet people try to blame Google because they can’t win at it.  Google has one focus with their search:  They want to make their search engine deliver what people are looking for.  Yes, this means that they have to figure out cleaver ways to screen out your spam hacker attacks keyword loading up the back of a flash file.  But in the process they make a better search for THEIR customers.

So serve YOUR customers and provide value:  Stop bitching that Google changed their algorithm (again?) and play the game that you get paid to.  Google hasn’t done anything wrong…well..maybe Google Places.  Okay, Google places sucks.  And Google Wave was cool, but 100% worthless…but search wise they’re still on target.  Search and Gmail.  Search, Gmail and Google Voice.  🙂

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