Can you guess why?

This is a simple SEO test to see how Google and Bing are advancing at indexing text in images.  The text that you clearly see is invisable to a search engine.

Optimizing images is an important part of SEO. There are a few ways we can add data to tell a search engine what an image is, and how it relates to the page topics.

 This was an simple experiment that ran for a few months:

  1. I checked that nothing came up for this exact match term (screen shot below)
  2. I made the above image in Photoshop, clearly offsetting the text from the back ground color.  My goal was to make it so clear Hellen Keller could read it.
  3. Uploaded the above image, to this page.  I used no best practices for using an image within a webpage.
  4. Wait…..waited….waaaaaaiiitted……
  5. Checked in Google for exact match of keyword.


As expected; not indexed.  No big surprise.


We still need to tell search engines what photos are, if we want to use them to add value to our SEO efforts.  Read more about using images for on page SEO here and ask questions in the comments!

Screen Shot taken 5/15/2012, months after page was first crawled by Google.


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