“Buy 500 links for only $10!!!”  makes you want to say  “Whoa, nice.  Links are important for SEO…this seems like a win!”

So what are you buying in this case?  You’re buying crap.  Let me show you.  I have comments open on this blog (please leave one?), but they have to be approved by me before they are published.  I like reading them, because they are special.  Like this one:

I always like to have a read about such things, my blog is related if you want to have a look round it please feel free. I have added yours to my bookmarks.

This is what it looks like to approve it.  See how it is saying “Joint pain relief”?  That is the link he wants to have next to his name; it’s who is paying him to place the link on my page.

Is buying links bad?

So how this works, is this guy is copy and pasting this same comment on blog after blog after blog, building links back to his clients’ site.  It’s either a program that is doing this, or low payed web workers in some far off country.  Either way, it is easy to prove this point: Search for that EXACT comment in Google (use “quotations” around your search).

are paid links bad?

WOW! That guy likes 739,000 other blogs. That seems odd… let’s look at one closer:

Buying links sucks

In this person’s blog, ‘he’ is linking back to something about head lice treatment.  If we go look at that site, it makes sense that this company is paying for optimization; they are in a highly competitive market trying to sell on line.  Sadly…they have a sad ginger kid on their home page.  That MUST hurt conversions!

Spam linking

So, what did we learn?  If you buy links, you buy links like this.  Do you think Google can figure this out?  I think so.  People….don’t buy 500 links for $10!

Oh…and…leave a comment, please!

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