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Better Faster Cheaper

I’ve worked in many service organizations in the Denver area.  In a perfect world, a service organization would give the best work possible, very quickly, and at a highly competitive price. This would be “Better Faster Cheaper”. It’s not possible for a company to operate this way for a long duration.  It’s just not.  You have to give up at least

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Fine = Bad

Fine sucks. Fine is the opposite of good, but it’s not quite bad. If it was bad, you would know it was bad and then you would work to make it better.  When someone says “yeah that’s fine”, it means it probably isn’t as good as they were hoping, and they fear telling you so.

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Control the Expectation

A big part of quality control in a service organization is to control the expectations of the customer.  Since a service is highly un-uniform and often non-tangible, there is rarely a quantitative way to measure ‘quality’.  Because of this non-quantitative measuring environment of quality…the customer’s opinion becomes the primary determination of quality. Hence, if you control the expectations of the customer…you can

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