About Dan Nolan

This blog is simply a place for me to write down the things that I learn and think about along the way.  I am cursed/blessed by a terible memory, and it is important that I write down things that I’m thinking about or they will be lost.  Do I expect you to find great value in my writings? Not overly…but I would love to hear YOUR thoughts and feedback, which is why the comments are left open.

I’ve spent a lot of my life reading books and silent in thought.  I have bounds of journals and note books that honestly, I don’t remember writing (sometimes from only a few months before).  If it wasn’t for my handwriting, I would suspect that the thoughts were not even mine.

I believe in systems, and put a lot of effort into creating efficient ones that I can trust.  This blog is a system for me to record the things that are on my mind, and hopefully to generate some new thoughts, friends, and opportunities.

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