Check your tenses if you want to lead. 

I’ve been recently really paying attention to word choice that people use, and am finding that those who I respect and inspire me, are primarily using the future tense.  Those who seem to want to prolong the problem, are using past tense.

This makes sense, doesn’t it?  The people talking about the future are easy to follow into it, while those who are focused on the past (or at least current situation) will motivate people to stay idle.

It is important to learn from the past, but still try to positioned that past event as a future tense statement.  For example “We are still in process towards our goal; the leanings gained from yesterdays failure allow us to better plan, train, and practice ensuring our success in the near future.”

Try this out yourself, listen to others and really focus on how they shift your attention to the future or if they only focus on the past.  It’s not that a good leader talks about the future… leaders talk about the future.  Anything else is not leadership.

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