I wanted to shift the writing and tone of this blog, and wanted to start to write in a day counting approach.  This idea is intent that each day we are learning from the one before it, on our own unique journey.  Using a calendar and the date is something common to all of us, but this approach is centered around my days on this planet.  Each day is different, and each one builds on the experience before it. 

Rather than think about how many times around the sun we go, this approach thinks about the journey of life and the process of growing and learning.  This idea came to be after learning more about Buddhism and rebirth/reincarnation.  While I do not believe in the afterlife, I do deeply appreciate the idea that each day we start again and it is up to us to decide to learn and grow from our experience before.  I feel this is taking the idea of reincarnation and shrinking it down to one day intervals.  The point is to look at this as a longer journey of learning, growth, and change… and not just a ‘this is who I am’ approach. 

So that ends day 14,654! 

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